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Driveways/Block Paving

Your driveway is the first impression visitors will have of your home. A driveway provides the finishing touch to the front of a property and will enhance your home’s appearance as well as instantly increasing its value.

Tarmac or Tarmacadam is suitable for areas to be used by vehicles, such as roads, car parks, drives and forecourts. Tarmacadam can also be used for paths, although it is not advisable using Tarmac for garden paths.

Gravel is an attractive alternative to tarmac and does not need to be very deep; a depth of 75 mm (3 inches) is usually sufficient for driveways and paths. Additional gravel can be added at a later date when required.

Concrete driveways are still the most popular and long lasting though more expensive than Tarmac or Gravel.

Block Paving driveways may be more expensive still, but it creates a more attractive finish.

Concrete Driveway in Scarborough

Concrete Driveway

Gravel Driveway

Gravel Driveway

Block Paved Driveway in Scarborough

Block Paved Driveway